Good Sanibel Island Homes
Many people dream of settling down on Sanibel Island.  It's a beautiful place to raise a family, or to retire.  But unless you're already living in southwest Florida, finding Sanibel Island homes can be a little tricky.

Traditional methods of searching for real estate or rentals on Sanibel Island are both puzzling and time consuming.   You need a trusted contact that can search for properties and pass the details along to you.  Sometimes, this may require that you actually bid on a property that you've never even seen, and literally gamble with your money.  This is where the Internet can be such a helpful tool.  With access to a computer and a list of reliable websites, it's now possible to find information on Sanibel Island homes, contact the appropriate parties and make comparisons before making your final decision.  You're in control, and it's all done from the comfort of your own home.

Searching the Internet will result in details about Sanibel Island homes in every price range, from charming little cottages to multi-million dollar estates.  However, it is still important to make sure that you have access to someone with expertise in the local real estate market.  Their knowledge and experience will prove to be invaluable in making the process run smoothly.

Speaking of expert advice, many property companies and websites employ real estate professionals to help people secure their dream homes. Here are some of the most trusted and well-traveled online sites offering listings of Sanibel Island homes and rental properties:
Wish every day could be like a holiday?  This site may be able to grant that wish.  At, you'll find premium island homes and condos for rent.  Every property is full furnished, making it perfect for an ultimate island getaway, whether you're planning to stay for a week or to take an endless vacation.

As part of the VIP Realty Group, Sanibel Island real estate professional Mike McMurray presents this website with more than two thousand active property listings.  See the best of the best on the "Featured Homes" page, or browse through their extensive list of Sanibel Island properties.  This website was designed to help users find their special pieces of paradise in the "seashell capital of the world".

Another Sanibel Island real estate profession, Eric Pfeifer, presents  As a regular visitor and resident of Sanibel Island for more than fifteen years, Mr. Pfeifer has a vast knowledge of both Sanibel and its "little sister", Captiva Island.  There are pages of Sanibel Island homes for sale and for rent, plus a special feature page showcasing select homes and properties.  This site combines easy research and professional service, making it a great choice for anyone unfamiliar with the Sanibel Island real estate market.
You can also find an extensive list of Sanibel Island homes that are available for sale and rent at  Site creator David L. Schuldenfrei is a realtor who has been serving the needs of those seeking Sanibel and Captiva Island accommodations for more than 29 years.  This website allows users to browse through Sanibel Island homes and property listings, and offers helpful information about the homes and properties available for sale.

The Internet has become the hottest new marketing tool for realtors and property managers to reach potential buyers.  A simple search will result in literally hundreds of Sanibel Island home listings.  If you're in the market for a place to retire, raise a family or just have fun in the sun, you can find your little piece of paradise with just a click of the mouse.