PlayStation 3
 computer game pod A new generation in video game technology was delivered in November 2006.  All these years later, and it is still remembered as one of the best gaming consoles of all time.

PlayStation Magazine disclosed new information about Sony's latest innovation#PlayStation 3 (PS3).   Here are some of the highlights from prior to the launch:

The PS3 is being touted by some as a virtual home entertainment center cleverly disguised as mind blowing video game breakthrough.

Because the PS3 has online capabilities, users will have access to an online service center. They will be able to log into their "iTunes" account to download high description videos to their PS3 system. The PS3 is able to act as a location-free player for a PSP (portable playstation). This means that PSP users with broadband access can watch television shows and movies, transmitted from their PS3 to their PSP, wherever they are. Sources also report that the PS3 will act as a DVR (digital video recorder) with digital recording and storage capabilities. A HI DEF downloader will allow users to download music and videos, and the PS3's media center functionally operates 360 stations and is still growing.

Sony claims that PS3's online service will blow away the latest Xbox live. These features will allow users to watch live entertainment more clearly and directly. There are many new games currently in development, especially in the United States. According to Sony Industry, the final PS3 development kit will available sooner than anticipated.

Due to the anticipated customer demand, the forecasted cost of PlayStation 3 will reach up to $499 US, an amount that cements the strength of the manufacturers views.

Critiques for the PS3

Critics and supporters have provided these complaints and kudos for the yet-to-be-released PS3:

* Contrary to what is being promised, movie, music, and video downloads will not be formed on the PS3 in real time.

* The majority of technicians and developers are operationally studying games that are running well at 720p, and then unsealing it to 1080p. This is because they are finding it difficult to attain and complete better results at the true, high resolution of the 1080p process.

* The PS3 gives the impression of going one better than the Xbox 360, by providing more options all at once.

* Sony Inc. has plans to alter the concept controller design, changing it to an up-to-the-minute design that will retain the Dual Shock 2 lay out.

* Some critics and game machine experts say that the PS3 is not overly superior to the Xbox 360, as distant applications seem to be better only by a significant amount.

* Thirty-one games are already listed for distribution, including Devil May Cry 4, Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo, Matrix Reloaded, Lair, Tekken and War hawk.

Some PlayStation and video game analysts consider Sony Inc. to take a "know-it-all" approach when speaking of the mere foretaste regarding the new PlayStation 3 project. However, video games experts have seen a quick preview of the games featured for PS3, and find the PS3 games have a good approaching sequel.

It appears that PS3 will come fully equipped with a nice hard drive, ensuring ample storage of photos, TV Shows and music directly into your PS3.

Of course, nothing in this world is constant. Several of the PS3 features can change in less than a month, so stay tuned and keep updated about PS3. Even with the high price tag the PS3 is sure to be a hot seller, especially being released right before the holiday season.