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What's for dinner? How many times have you heard that question, only to come up short? If you have a passion for cooking, love the kitchen, or just need some new ways to liven up your menu, consider joining in one of the many popular recipe forums now available online.

Parents, spouses, chefs, teens, teachers, singles, friends.. everyone needs to learn to cook at some point. It's a skill that is usually passed from generation to generation. Others learn to cook at culinary institutions. Now, recipe forums have presented an exciting new way to exchange food ideas, kitchen secrets and cooking techniques with people from around the world.

Listed below is a selection of websites that contain their own recipe forums. You can visit these online message boards to access cooking tips, information about new foods, or to post your own questions or recommendations. These recipe forums are great ways to meet other users who share your passion for cooking.
One of the more popular recipe forums can be found online at This is one of the most well maintained recipe forums you'll find on the web. But what makes this site so special is all of the other features that budding gourmets can enjoy. The additional cooking resources a huge recipe collection, food articles and archives, and other health-related recipe sites. Chefs will find mastercook recipes posted on the AngelFire site. Thousands of people from around the world have visited this site to participate in the recipe forums, so you are sure to find interesting recipes and meet some very interesting people.
At, you will have access to reputable recipe forums that are maintained and moderated by cooking experts. If you are looking for a low fat dinner ideas, or want to know how to make the best brownies, this recipe forum is a great place to start. The site has recently designed a recipe exchange section where users can post or find recipes, and share ideas for making delicious meals and goodies. Users are free to start new discussions or create reader polls, and because the site is moderated, you can trust the content.
Cooking for Engineers was established in June 2004 as a place for users to store and share recipes, as well as exchanging kitchen notes. At this site you'll find a number of recipes that were created by the site owner, as well as other unique creations made by other group members. If you have a recipe to share, you are free to post it at this site. There are also sections with cooking tips, kitchen tools, equipment, gadgets, experiments and much more. Great cooking articles are also posted in the recipe forums located on this popular site.

Recipe forums are excellent resources, whether you need tips on marinating the perfect leg or lamb, need to know at what temperature to broil a crème brulee, or you just want some new ways to serve ground beef. We've outlined only three sites that offer online recipe forums. There are countless more available, so start searching # and bon appetit!
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