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Italian Wine Grows in Popularity PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Like all wines, those vinted in Italy fall into a number of categories.  There are reds and whites.  There are inexpensive varieties, and priceless vintages.  Wine lovers can fine Italian vintages to suit any taste, and every budget.   The wines of Italy have a culture all their own, and wine has long been a focal point of Italian society and commerce.

For generations upon generations, Italian wine has been an important element in the country's social and economic fabrics.  As many as four thousand years ago, ancient civilizations in the Italian regions were making and drinking wines.  These prehistoric vintners would take naturalized grapes, some varieties of which are still used today, and press it to get the juice out.  The grape juice would ferment in storage, and the first wines were created.

From those humble beginnings, Italian wine evolved and grew and flourished into the wonderful vintages that are available today.  Over time, winemaking processes changed and became more efficient.  During the nineteenth century, Italian wine makers learned to process in ways that would produce tastier wines, and developed better ways to bottle those wines. 

Successful bottling methods made export possible, greatly boosting the popularity of Italian wines.  In what seemed like no time at all, Italian wine makers were able to ship their vintages to consumers all over the known world.  Soon, Italian wines were being shipped across Europe and eventually to America.

As Italian wines evolved, and generations of wine drinkers began to appreciate the taste and quality, vintners started to develop new varieties.  Even today, new Italian wines are introduced that seem to be even better than the last, and the Italian wine industry continues to grow and flourish.  Italian wines are easily accessible virtually everywhere in the world, so you can enjoy a glass no matter where you live.  Simply visit your local liquor store or contact a wine merchant to find a great variety of Italian wine.  There are so many different wines available, you can try a new variety whenever you want a satisfying wine drinking experience.

If you're interested in collecting Italian wines, speak to a wine merchant.  He or she can help you find the finest Italian wines available, and will be able to educate you about the many facets of choosing and storing fine wines.  These tips will help you to become a true Italian wine connoisseur. 

Whether you choose wines to celebrate special occasions, toast a romance or simply sip on a quiet evening, Italian wines offer a world of flavour and variety.  Salut!
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